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  • Technology Is Like A River

    Constant change, constantly flowing,

    We help you go with the flow.

  • Don't Take The Bait!

    Phishing attempts are everywhere!

    We will help keep you off the hook.

  • Cyber Attacks Are Dime A Dozen

    They don't discriminate in attacks,
    We don't discriminate in defense.

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  • Be tactful with your savings!

    We are your dedicated IT
    ...Without the cost of one

  • Your Data, All In One Place

    Data Centers across the US,
    So you know you're always backed up

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What sets us apart from the rest?

Other than our award-winning smiles, we also boast award-winning services.

Technology has become to many, a very cold and unfeeling place. Not simply because it consists of metal and plastic, but the people in charge of assisting most in resolving these issues. Here at Halcyon Support, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service above all else. When calling us for help, you can rest assured your call will be promptly answered with a kind voice, and your issue will be quickly resolved.

While other companies specialize in mass-produced help desk support, or technology consultation; We focus our attentions on the longevity of YOUR business. With our detailed and effective 1-3-5 year plans, daily secure backups, and our own personally refined security systems that keep your computer/internet/network completely secure.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

What We Offer Is Not Only Security,
We Offer Peace Of Mind

Let's Meet Up

First thing's first, we want to meet YOU! We take this first meeting to get a basic idea what needs we would provide.

Let's Take A Look

Once we have the ideas discussed, we assess the office/work environment for how we can reach your goal.

Let's Shake Hands

When everything is taken into inventory, a proposal is written and offered in a quick and easy online document.

Let's Get To Work

Finally, the work begins! Taking our assessment and agreed terms into consideration, we finish each job promptly.

About Us

Come meet our team members, each of whom will be happy to assist your every technical need.

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We offer a free consultations on-site to allow those seeking additional options for their IT needs.