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Managed IT Services

In a managed service arrangement, the managed service provider retains responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment, and the customer pays a regular fee for receipt of the service. A managed IT service comes with a service-level agreement (SLA ) , which is the contract between the service provider and the customer. The SLA identifies what services the provider will furnish and how successful delivery of services will be measured.

Highly Experienced Team
 Whether your issue is Windows, Linux or Cloud related- we have technicians that can resolve it all for you!

Vendor Neutral
Our consultants choose what's right for YOU, without giving vendors preferential treatment.

Full Ecosystem of Services
Full support from network installations, compliance services, etc.

Rock Solid SLA
Immediate response, no more getting 'lost in the system'

Data Centers & Servers

Data Centers are a necessity for most growing businesses. Otherwise known as 'The Cloud', this is one of the newest and most crucial services. With secure backups off-site, we offer an expansive number of Data Centers located throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Renting from us cuts out the time and effort it takes to research, haggle, and secure a reliable option for your data. When your data could be compromised at the press of a button, don't you think the time to protect yourself is now?

Hackers don't discriminate who they hit, even hospitals are at risk of  infiltration. As one unfortunate Heart Hospital had experienced first-hand. Struck with Ransomware, their files and data were all encrypted and after paying the initial ransom, were extorted for a second payment. Don't let this be you.

Location, Location, Location
Location means everything, we take that to heart so... We have launched data centers all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Ensuring little, to no delay regardless where you are.

No Hidden Price Tags
Unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee our pricing models for The Cloud are simple, clear, and transparent.

Highly Scalable And Available
We provide a suite of different requirements from custom app hosting up to thin client hosting, with options like : business continuity, clustering, geographic split, datacenters, and failover; your uptime is always maximized.

Migration Consultancy
This all seems pretty daunting at first glance, just rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way. Working alongside your engineers remotely or on-site, we will assist with any hardware/applications necessary.

Project Management

Opening a new location? Hate your old layout? Need an upgrade? All of these things are perfectly handled by our highly trained staff. Ranging from hardware acquisitions and researching on the best deals for the requested products, to implementing a plan and installations. We compile the appropriate information and offers, organizing into a neat proposal for your final decisions.

Research Top Products
 We understand that not every product is of the same quality, so we aim to bring to you only the best and most useful options.

The Negotiator
Sometimes we find the product we want, just not at the price we want. We're pretty good at haggling down those prices for you, without sacrificing quality.

Our team is responsible for your set-up. The planning of the layout, to the implementation of the products. We're there with you the whole time.

Follow-Up Support
The job isn't over just because the installation is complete. Until everything is running smoothly, any and all questions/concerns/issues that arise are immediately addressed.

Custom Services Offered Upon Request
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Free Workflow Consultation

Not sure if your needs are all being met? We will give you a complete and unbiased consultation on what a company should expect from their MSP. How to have more effective Workflow Management, as well as streamline the applications/hardware being used in the office.

On-Site Workplace Assessments

Going along with the free consultation, we also offer a free complete assessment of what we could offer you to better suit your needs. Provide you with a rough estimate of pricing to be expected for ourselves, as well as the city/state average cost for a project/workplace of any size.